We have about 90 students all together. All classes are in one big room. The school building is not very big, but big enough to hold all 90 students tightly. It’s always crowded as you see in the picture.

We have many outstanding students. One student is Moe Moe. (the girl 2nd from the right in 2nd row). She is about 13 years old and very eager to learn about Jesus. I teach regular subjects during school hours but Deeram and I both teach some students on Sundays about Jesus.

One day Moe Moe came to me and asked me for some scoth tapes=. I asked her why she needed so bad. At first she wouldn’ttell me but when I asked her many times, this is what she said to me.  “I want to tape sliced onions to my skin get fever. So that I can excuse not to go to school on Sunday but go to Sunday school.”  (They think sticking sliced onion to the body gives fever).  The other teacher who is a Buddhist teaches regular subjects on Sundays to stop them from coming to the Sunday school class where Deeram and I teach about Jesus. I told her just to pray that she has opportunity to come to Sunday school class.  She came to evening Sunday school class. I asked her what happened. She said in the morning she helped her mother with house work, when afternoon came she asked her mother if she could go to Sunday school. Her mother gave permission to come. Moe Moe is often forbidden by her older brothers when she tells them what she hears about Jesus. The only person whom she can rely on at home is her elder sister. She never stops telling them about Jesus. She is one of the outstanding students in the class.

There are many students just like Moe Moe. Now Moe Moe confesses that what they have worshipping is just an image, a statue. Now she is worshipping the only true and living

Some many other children want to come to Sunday worship services andSunday school class, but they are not allowed. So I teach Jesus’ stories each day in the class. Half a story each day, so it will nottake too much time to teach regular subjects.

After a few weeks of praying, the Buddhist teacher stopped teaching on Sundays.

Teacher Maeram tells us to write report every month but there is no
post office, no telephone in the village so it’s going to be a
problem.  But we will do our best to send report to you and teacher
Maeram. May God bless you.