Myanmar is a beautiful nation marred by a significant imbalance of wealth and power. We focus on protecting vulnerable women and children and providing them with educational opportunities.


As a Christian organization, we are motivated by the love and compassion of Christ and the truth of the Gospel.


Our work takes us to exotic locations within the country. But the real adventure is in coming alongside Myanmar’s people to love and serve them.

“Learn to do right. See that justice is done — help those who are oppressed,
give orphans their rights, and defend widows.”
– Isaiah 1:17


ACM works in the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar (also known as Burma). Bordered by Bangladesh, China, Tibet, Laos and Thailand, it is a beautiful land rich in natural resources. With 135 ethnic people groups, Myanmar’s people are as varied and diverse as its lands, which range from mountains in the north to mighty rivers and sparkling beaches in the south. Poverty is rampant, particularly in more remote areas where distance is measured by days’ walk.

Our causes span several categories, including education, community development, evangelism, orphan care and emergency aid. Click the icons on the map below to learn more.

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Asian Children's Mission
Asian Children's Mission5 days ago
We at ACM stand in awe of the God that stretches His hands across continents and oceans, to touch lives in faraway places like Myanmar. His workers had the opportunity to pray, share the gospel message and give needed food through the generosity of Sherwood Oaks Christian Church in Indiana USA. The church gathered a special gift for people challenged during this Covid-19 shut down. We all thank them from the bottom of our hearts! To God Be The Glory
Asian Children's Mission
Asian Children's Mission3 weeks ago
While we are getting ready to open our Preschools and Joshua School for Special Needs Children, we were blessed to receive money from IDES. IDES is a Christian Non-Profit (International Disaster Emergency Service) and through their food program HOTS, our staff and their families gifted much needed food in the name of Jesus Christ. They were able to share the gospel with people who so need hope and a Savior. To God Be the Glory.
Asian Children's Mission
Asian Children's Mission1 month ago
Hello from ACM! -
Asian Children's Mission
Asian Children's Mission1 month ago
There is something so special about the country of Myanmar. It is not the fact that they are number 1 in natural disasters in all of Southeast Asia. It is not the fact that they were a closed country for 50 years, ending only in 2011. It is not the fact that they have been in the longest known Civil War in all of the world.
It is THE PEOPLE. The people we have met are kind, humble, welcoming, and most of all loving. The country in so in need of the Good News of the Kingdom of God. The staff at ACM is about that mission.
It is also THE FOOD. Surrounded be India, China, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Laos, the influence of so many different cuisines is amazing. .There are many opportunities to break bread with the locals and share the love of Jesus.
WE WILL GO AGAIN and would love you to join us. We guarantee you will be amazed and changed by the time spent there. Come see the Spirit of God moving in this Buddhist country.
Stay connected as we plan our next adventure and see if God is leading you to the faraway enchanted land of Myanmar.