Myanmar is a beautiful nation marred by a significant imbalance of wealth and power. We focus on protecting vulnerable women and children and providing them with educational opportunities.


As a Christian organization, we are motivated by the love and compassion of Christ and the truth of the Gospel.


Our work takes us to exotic locations within the country. But the real adventure is in coming alongside Myanmar’s people to love and serve them.

“Learn to do right. See that justice is done — help those who are oppressed,
give orphans their rights, and defend widows.”
– Isaiah 1:17


ACM works in the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar (also known as Burma). Bordered by Bangladesh, China, Tibet, Laos and Thailand, it is a beautiful land rich in natural resources. With 135 ethnic people groups, Myanmar’s people are as varied and diverse as its lands, which range from mountains in the north to mighty rivers and sparkling beaches in the south. Poverty is rampant, particularly in more remote areas where distance is measured by days’ walk.

Our causes span several categories, including education, community development, evangelism, orphan care and emergency aid. Click the icons on the map below to learn more.

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Asian Children's Mission
Asian Children's Mission22 hours ago
Love being part of this mission of God, to bring the Gospel message to the people of Myanmar!
Asian Children's Mission
Asian Children's Mission1 day ago
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Asian Children's Mission
Asian Children's Mission3 days ago
There are so many reasons to go on a mission trip to Myanmar. ACM is planning on going in 2021 as soon as it is safe! We will visit many of the locations where God has led ACM staff to serve and love the people so well. We will also make a couple stops that we feel make this country so special. We urge you to pray about joining us. It will be life changing for you and for the people of this faraway land.
Asian Children's Mission
Asian Children's Mission2 weeks ago
Learning English for the people in Myanmar, can open many doors. ACM started an English curriculum at both Hope Children's Home and Loving Fountain Children's Home almost two years ago through the loving gift of a couple that realized the importance of speaking and writing English. With the present situation globally, all the children have been able to concentrate on learning English since it is taught at the orphanages. Please pray for all of these students as we know it is not an easy language. Better yet, join us when the country opens up to visitors, on a trip to Myanmar and speak with the kids yourself!