Myanmar is a beautiful nation marred by a significant imbalance of wealth and power. We focus on protecting vulnerable women and children and providing them with educational opportunities.


As a Christian organization, we are motivated by the love and compassion of Christ and the truth of the Gospel.


Our work takes us to exotic locations within the country. But the real adventure is in coming alongside Myanmar’s people to love and serve them.

“Learn to do right. See that justice is done — help those who are oppressed,
give orphans their rights, and defend widows.”
– Isaiah 1:17


ACM works in the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar (also known as Burma). Bordered by Bangladesh, China, Tibet, Laos and Thailand, it is a beautiful land rich in natural resources. With 135 ethnic people groups, Myanmar’s people are as varied and diverse as its lands, which range from mountains in the north to mighty rivers and sparkling beaches in the south. Poverty is rampant, particularly in more remote areas where distance is measured by days’ walk.

Our causes span several categories, including education, community development, evangelism, orphan care and emergency aid. Click the icons on the map below to learn more.

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Asian Children's Mission
Asian Children's Mission7 days ago
This is Ma Soe. She is still teaching students in the remote village of Taung Minglar, Myanmar. Today she has 31 students and most come from Buddhist families. She teaches all subjects but on Mondays she teaches the Bible and believes all the students believe in the God of the Bible and His Son Jesus. She is such a loving teacher that parents bring their children even from 1 or 2 days away to learn with her.
ACM prays that in the future, God willing, we will be able to raise even more support for additional assistants for Ma Soe and help with more food and materials. But for now, we are honored to stand beside and support this young women in her twenties, who is answering the call on her life, to help these children and to share Jesus in a most loving way. To God Be the Glory!
Asian Children's Mission
Asian Children's Mission1 month ago
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We have gotten all the money needed for Tinmann's chair! We are so thankful for the amazing donors. This chair is going to be life changing for our sweet friend Tinmann.
Asian Children's Mission
Asian Children's Mission1 month ago
Asian Children's Mission has a board of four faithful individuals who love the mission of ACM and each bring unique talent to the team. Meet Jim, Kathy, Todd and Sandar. Joana (our fearless leader and Executive Director) is on a leave as she continue to love and care for her family during this time. They would love to chat via direct message if you have any questions or want to know more about ACM.
Asian Children's Mission
Asian Children's Mission2 months ago
Who wouldn’t love this young man? He is a delightful, loving 15 year old who loves the Lord with all his heart. Tinmann was born with Cerebral Palsy. ACM is raising money for a new CP chair for Tinmann. This chair will help Tinmann to advance academically, eat more efficiently and will help with his speech development. Will you consider helping us fund this new chair? The chair cost $686.00. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to sharing more about Tinmann's journey. Blessings!