By Simon

Dear Friends, I heard our native people are starving. There are three causes of starving.

1. The High way road, bridges were destroyed by the fighting between KIA (Kachin Indenpendent Army) and Myanmar soldiers and uable to ship rice and other food supplies to Putao from Myitkyina (218 miles).
2. No more slash and burn and plant rice and lack of rice supplies for 150,000 people in Putao area.
3. The crops failures by climate change, heavy rain, flood.

I wanted to go and help them. God blessed our need and we hurried to plan to distribute rice supplies.


It is not important who we are. But important WHO WITH US. YES, GOD WITH US AND OUR PLAN. It is 90% impossible to transfer rice to Putao from Myitkyina as there are only two flights in a week. But God with us and made a way to ship rice from flight charter. A friend helped in this shipping.


We could  only ship 200 bags (1000 Kilos) to Putao and distributed in time. As the villagers heard the good news, they rushed to us early morning at 6:00 AM.. We were not ready and asked them to wait. But they said..

“We don’t have rice for breakfast, and we boiled water for ready to cook and come and get rice”. Yes, they all did not have rice for that day. God blessed them for daily need. We gave 2 kilos for every family, totally 500 families, 10 villages. We also distributed Kamti Shan ethnic group.

“This is the first time we received rice free of charges” , a villager said.

A large bag of rice was given to the Asian Children’s Mission preschool in Mulashidi.


“Our family borrowed rice in advance and promised them to give back triple  (3 times) amount of rice in harvest time. So All the crops will be taken over by the lender”, A farmer said.

” I asked the students to raise their hands if they did not eat breakfast.. I brought bananas for the students. All the students raised their hands… So I dismissed the students to go out to find some food in the jungle”.

” Our family just eat one meal a day and just drink rice soup”

“I will serve you in the harvest time, please give me rice now”… Kamti Shan family became slave for two months to the Land Lord by getting rice in starving time”

“We put a few rice in the pot, then we added banana, tarot, and whatever we found in the jungle and cook for meal”

“The patients enrollment increased in starving time as most of them felt malnourishment and related diseases” the doctor said.

“The local government could not solve this starvation. They shipped rice for themselves and sold with highest prices.”

“The rich become more riches, the Poor become more poverty”.

These are the voice of the communities..


The climate changed and the crops failures. The farmers sold their crops, paddy fields, animals and ate in starving time and hopeless in the future. Some farms will taken over by military. The population grow and the paddy fields were destroyed by flood.


I did challenges to the Christian brothers to have vision for self sustaining projects. We have about 2000 acres in Putao plain and it is possible to make rice field. But we need water supplies.. I encouraged to the villagers the possibility of two things.

1. Make a big water Dam in the top of Mulashid village and gave water distribution to the flat areas.

2. We have a stream in the other side of Mula River and make irrigation for this flat area.

These two project are too big.. about US$ 200,000 Project. But I challenged them that GOD IS ABLE TO PROVIDE if we have a plan and vision..