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This is an archive of blog articles from ACM’s early years. Currently, we keep followers updated via Facebook posts — but we still wanted to keep this treasure trove of older content available (warning: its formatting may be less than ideal due to importing from an old page format).

What Gautama Taught…

"Everyday, day and night, day and night, I am thinking this - only this," says a leading evangelist in Myanmar, concerning his mission to evangelize to his fellow countrymen.  Although we are not giving his real name for the sake of his safety and his family's safety, Jonah plays a key role in developing effective evangelistic

Surviving War in Burma

By Samantha Allgood, ACM Intern Tucked away in a fertile corner of Kachin State, surrounded by the green rice fields and wild water buffalo of Myanmar's countryside, Loving Fountain Children's Home of Asian Children's Mission is found in the quiet town of Myitkyina, a nourishing atmosphere for Ngwa Mar Sar's new home.  At the vital age of 11,

Sewing for the Master

Last December I made a promise - a promise to send a teacher to a remote village in southern Burma called Putaikgyi.  This teacher would be a special one -- he would teach young women how to sew.   No one in the village knows to sew.  I was told there were three sewing machines in

Hope for the children

  Daw Pan Cho, teacher in Thani Bauk  I am Daw Pan Cho from Thani bauk village. I wanted to write but this time I thought I should really write. You know I have lived in Thani bauk nearly twenty years. I have taught children nearly 20 years. I love children. I had visions forthe children.


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