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This is an archive of stories sent to us by our staff and others in Myanmar. Click the titles of each story to read full accounts. Scroll to the bottom of the page to keep loading more stories! There are 71 to enjoy in all: most from ACM’s early years.

Does Their God Also Live in the Sea?

A few days later his father was found alive in the sea. Then the village people started talking, “Is their God also living in the sea?” All they know is the statue of Gautama (Buddha). He is where they place him. If they place inside the house, they believe that their god takes care of the house. They know nothing about a living God, a God who is everywhere at the same time.

Lydia Makes a New Home at Hope

By Suyron Min, 2013 ACM summer intern Lydia is from Putao, Kachin State. She is the cutest tomboy I have ever seen. Actually, rather than acting like a tomboy, she is really interested in physical activities and sports. But that is strongly categorized as a tomboy in Myanmar. Lydia is really active and energetic. Even though she really likes sports,

Underwear for Women Prisoners

My wife and I went to the women's prison near Mandalay and gave the gifts. The prisoners were very much happy and prayed for the donors. The gifts were bras and panties. Some of the women are new converts. They witnessed the wonderful works of God. They said that they really needed and longed for these things. They said, "we prayed and pray for the needs, God is so good to us He answered for our prayer, now our prayer is completed."

Thankful for new Loving Fountain Building

Thank you very much to all the donors of the first permanent concrete building of the center. I could not express my heart for the building which is a nice building for the long term. I have been praying for it for 14 years. It is really needed here for the new generation of the future of the my country. This beautiful building will provide for and prepare many orphanage young people for the Lord's mission in the near future.
-Ah Dee Che, Loving Fountain

Putaikgyi Christmas

We had a tremendous Christmas with the children and parents. I borrowed large sound box from the neighboring village. The children were excited. They did their best. They learned well and performed well. The children gained so much confidence.