By Courtney Prater, Missionary Intern to Myanmar

Like I said, this week has been lonely without the kids. But today I had a really good day with my friend James. He works at the store next to my house, and speaks a little English, so we have became pretty good friends this past month. Anyways he came to my house to invite me to tag along to visit his friends….so I did.

Thankfully his friend spoke very good English. Her name was Lovelia- very pretty I know! And her house was beautiful. It was all mint green inside. I have not seen a house painted on the inside yet. I really liked it. However her curtains were mint green as well with words on it saying “Miss you” – that kind of confused me.

At first it was easy to sit there asking questions back and forth about our families. But then it started to get awkward. There were three of them and one of me and they were all sitting together just staring at me eating my mango. I don’t know why it was hard to think of anything to talk about, but I just could not! Ha So I ate my mango and looked around at all the green things in the living room.  They would talk among themselves, look at me, talk again, then keep talking. It is weird being in a room full of people that can say anything they want and you not understand a single word! Turns out they were just impressed that I could eat a whole mango. Ha, apparently if they eat the whole thing it makes their teeth hurt because it is so sour. “Oh I love sour stuff, I eat lemons and limes all the time at home” I bragged.

We left after they showed me their green house. Which was very impressive…I think. I am not into gardening much, but it was pretty! Our next stop was a “sno castle” type place with slushies. James asked me what kind I wanted. I answered orange juice slush of course. Five minutes later they bring me this funky purple/maroon drink with nuts in it. Hmmmm. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad. I drank as much as I could.

We went to a random church service after we finished our drinks. Everyone welcomed me then stared at me. Shocking I know. Ha, I am slowly getting used to being the center of attention, but I will say, I do not like it.

…..Tonight was amazing as well. Because I got to talk to my mom on the phone! I miss my family and hearing their voices, therefore getting good connection tonight made me very happy! Also I was able to talk to Mark (the guy who sent me here!) It was so good to hear familiar voices. I was telling them both how much I miss having a full conversation with someone. I am forever thankful for conversation now. Anyways not five minutes after I got off the phone with Mark a girl came up to me speaking English! It was like God sent her directly to me to fill my conversation needs! She invited me to her house…..why not? I normally would not just go to a strangers house in the middle of the night, but hey, I’m in Burma, and I am trying to be adventurous! We exchanged numbers and are planning to “hang out” this weekend.

That will be good for my sanity 🙂

Oh….and I almost forgot. I ate another mango when I got home from church with James and guess what. I could not eat dinner because my teeth hurt so bad! Guess that’s what I get for bragging about my sour eating abilities!