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Does Their God Also Live in the Sea?

A few days later his father was found alive in the sea. Then the village people started talking, “Is their God also living in the sea?” All they know is the statue of Gautama (Buddha). He is where they place him. If they place inside the house, they believe that their god takes care of the house. They know nothing about a living God, a God who is everywhere at the same time.

Lydia Makes a New Home at Hope

By Suyron Min, 2013 ACM summer intern Lydia is from Putao, Kachin State. She is the cutest tomboy I have ever seen. Actually, rather than acting like a tomboy, she is really interested in physical activities and sports. But that is strongly categorized as a tomboy in Myanmar. Lydia is really active and energetic. Even […]

Hope Stories: Thu Za Twe Wants to be a Doctor

Thu Za Twe was born on October 21, 1999 and is now in Grade 7 . She wants to be a doctor
and running is her favorite sport. She has no parents.

Schedule of Typical School Day At Hope

6 am Get up 6 am – 6:30 am Pray,tooth-brush,wash face. 6:30 am – 7 am Study 7 am – 7:30am Shower and get dress 7:30 – 8 am Breakfast 8 am – 3 pm School 3 pm – 4 pm Tuition Class 4 pm – 5 pm Play and free time 5 pm – 5:30pm […]

Ah Cha De Wants to Sing

Ah Cha De was born on 17.Feb.2002 and studying in G 5. She wants to be a singer and dancing is her favorite activity. She has no parents and relatives could not afford to send her to school.

Mission Trip to Refugee Camp

Dear Friends, Greetings from Thai Burma border. After giving CDE
(Community Dental Evangelism) Training, our team went to two refugee
camps. It was adventure mission trip, passing many mountain ranges,
curving and dusty road and bamboo home to stay and felt the life style
of refugees.


After driving three hours from Maesot (8 hours from Chiangmai), we
arrived Umpiang refugee camp. There are about 50,000 Refugees at this
camp. About one thousand houses were burned on February 24, 2012 in
two hours as they built bamboo homes with thatch roof closely. We
arrived there the next day and encouraged them as they were hopeless,
helpless and great despair. They need emergency help to rebuild bamboo


After driving five hours from Maesot (11 hours from Chiangmai), we
arrived Nupoe refugee camp. Nupoe camp is located S.W. Thailand and
close to Burma. There are about 30,000 Refugees at this camp. The most
refugees are Karen people and very poor, working outside of the camp
to survive. They get 60 Bahts (US$ 2) a day if Thai land Lord has jobs
in the farm. They do not get jobs daily.


1. Their homes were totally burnt and animals were killed by military.
2. Their farms and rice field were took over by military.
3. There are land mines around the village, jungles.
4. They need great help to start all over again. (Clean land mines,
Lawyers and NGO’s who speaks for refugees to get back lands, rice
fields from soldiers. Capitals for rehabilitation. Rebuild schools,
churches )


I taught LIFE GOAL FROM NEHEMIAH’S LEADERSHIP. My friend Mike taught
Basic Christian Doctrine, Faith, PRAYER, THE WORD OF GOD. We also
preached every night. The Refugees and friends are well encouraged by
our visit and feeding them both physical and spiritual food.


The Refugees are very weak, bad nutrition, and pale. We wanted to feed
them and just one meal a day. They could eat four plates. So we
bought a Pig and feed them the next day. We wanted to feed them as
much as we can, but our resources are limited. Thank God for His
provision for daily bread for the hopeless brothers.


13 young students from Buddhist Hostel (DORM) accepted Jesus Christ
and come to the Church every Sunday. They go back their Dorm at 6:00
PM and miss dinner. They are hungry at night. We were very sorry to
hear this new and we went there to give them some food. The parents
of these young converts are very angry to hear that their children
become Christian. Some parents want to take them back by stopping them
for studying. And some parents told them not to come back home. Pray
for these young converts as they face many trials.


4. Medicines, Clothes, soap, Detergent, toothpaste, Shoes, Blankets…


“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of
the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
Matt. 25: 40.

May God continue to bless you all as you care Little Ones in Christ.

— Simon

Underwear for Women Prisoners

My wife and I went to the women’s prison near Mandalay and gave the gifts. The prisoners were very much happy and prayed for the donors. The gifts were bras and panties. Some of the women are new converts. They witnessed the wonderful works of God. They said that they really needed and longed for these things. They said, “we prayed and pray for the needs, God is so good to us He answered for our prayer, now our prayer is completed.”

When we heard about their words we remembered you if it is possible we want you to enter their place and we want you to hear their thankfulness and sharing about God’s goodness, we really thankful to you for your love and care through your helps we did many good things to the needy. God bless you

— Joel, ACM Coordinator for Community Development
Note: IDES provided funding for this project

Thankful for new Loving Fountain Building

Thank you very much to all the donors of the first permanent concrete building of the center. I could not express my heart for the building which is a nice building for the long term. I have been praying for it for 14 years. It is really needed here for the new generation of the future of the my country. This beautiful building will provide for and prepare many orphanage young people for the
Lord’s mission in the near future.

-Ah Dee Che, Loving Fountain

Putaikgyi Christmas

We had a tremendous Christmas with the children and parents. I borrowed large sound box from the neighboring village. The children were excited. They did their best. They learned well and performed well. The children gained so much confidence.
The parents were very happy. They said, “We never have such activities before. Teachers! we want you to stay in our village forever!”

The children are improving so much. They look much cleaner than when we first came in 2008. They all look healthier. They can take care of themselves now. They study well, they do home work regularly. We teachers do not need to tell them to do homework.

It is because of you and other Christians’ help and support that we are able to teach to these children and by God’s help.

— Deeram, Teacher at Putaikgyi

Hope Kids: Thu Rain Tun wants to be a Policeman

Thu Rain Tun was born on June 10.2001 and studying in grade 5. He wants to be a
policeman, and football is his favorite sport. He has no parents.

Soul Saving Seminar Held in Central Myanmar

The soul saving seminar is over. Over 300 unsaved friends attended are 120 were baptized.

I baptized 6 women.

Now we have the responsibility to follow up with the new believers. One of the evangelist women hand over us over 20 new believers who were baptized in that seminar. They are from Mandalay, 20 minutes motor cycle ride from our home. It has been for five years that I prayed God to add local people to the Church, I believe that now God answered for our prayer.

— Joel, ACM Coordinator for Community Development

20 Refugee Children Accepted into Loving Fountain

The fighting between the Kachin Independence Army and the Burmese Army has resulted in thousands of internally displaced people. Among them, these 20 children who are living at Loving Fountain. Some day, some will be reunited with family. For others, they will stay at Loving Fountain through their high school years.

With Fighting in Kachin, 54 children at Loving Fountain

There are now 54 orphanage children including new refugees. I am so sorry for receiving the new
refugees orphanage children even I do not have enough food for them. By the grace of God some NGOs helped me with some of the food and clothing.

There is still fighting and more refugees. The situation of Kachin state is so bad. We are living in a very bad situation because every day we hear about the fighting every where in the whole state. Prayer for the state and the refugees. Thank you.

Ah Dee Che, Loving Fountain

Haircuts in Ohio = Guitar for Teacher

LaVerne Morse is a retired missionary to Myanmar. His barber supports missions. The barber told LaVerne to save up the costs of the haircuts, and when there was enough, use the money to buy a guitar for a teacher in Myanmar.

The money did add up, and now Deeram has his guitar to use with his students at Putaikgyi school and church!

Kanaan Family Accepts Christ, Accepts Consequences

This family was driven out of the Kanaan area because they accepted Christ. My husband (Kong Dee) and I visited this family, and they were very happy to see us again after so many years.
The confessed what they thought of my husband. They said when they were leaving their village, the family was angry at Kong Dee then but then they remembered: “O, because of Kong Dee we were able to know the true God, we should not be angry with him.”

They did not know where they were going, they just traveled day after day. When they arrived to a village, they wanted to settle there, butthe village people would not accept them because they were told not accept them. They continued to travel until they arrived to another village. They did not know anyone, but they found a new wooden empty house. The family decided to spend the night there. The next day they saw nobody coming. So they stayed there over one year!

During that time they got acquainted with an elderly man U nwe. U nwe often gave them food. The family was told by someone else that 8 acres of rice field was for sell for 2 million kyats ($2500). The family wanted to purchase it but didn’t have the money. They discussed with U nwe they they will save money to buy rice field, but U nwe said No, So the family thought “He is old enough to give advice, if he says no, we won’t try.”

The one day U nwe brought the village head. Together they took them to a place and showed them to work for 10,000 kyats ($12.50) per acre. Since then the family worked on the land. Now they 0wn 10 acres of rice field. They said to us, “The Lord has been good to us in a new place. When we were in our own village we worked so hard but never enough, but here we work less and we get more. I remember you (Sara) said that Abraham left his home but the Lord bless him more.”

Their faith becamestronger, and they can even share the good news with others. They are
well accepted in the new place.

By Sara, indigenous missionary to Kanaan People

Putaikgyi Student Tells About Jesus

We have about 90 students all together. All classes are in one big room. The school building is not very big, but big enough to hold all 90 students tightly. It’s always crowded as you see in the picture.

We have many outstanding students. One student is Moe Moe. (the girl 2nd from the right in 2nd row). She is about 13 years old and very eager to learn about Jesus. I teach regular subjects during school hours but Deeram and I both teach some students on Sundays about Jesus..

One day Moe Moe came to me and asked me for some scoth tapes. I asked her why she needed so bad. At first she wouldn’ttell me but when I asked her many times, this is what she said to me. “I want to tape sliced onions to my skin get fever. So that I can excuse not to go to school on Sunday but go to Sunday school.” (They think sticking sliced onion to the body gives fever). The other teacher who is a Buddhist teaches regular subjects on Sundays to stop them from coming to the Sunday school class where Deeram and I teach about Jesus. I told her just to pray that she has opportunity to come to Sunday school class. She came to evening Sunday school class. I asked her what happened. She said in the morning she helped her mother with house work, when afternoon came she asked her mother if she could go to Sunday school. Her mother gave permission to come. Moe Moe is often forbidden by her older brothers when she tells them what she hears about Jesus. The only person whom she can rely on at home is her elder sister. She never stops telling them about Jesus. She is one of the outstanding students in the class.

There are many students just like Moe Moe. Now Moe Moe confesses that what they have worshipping is just an image, a statue. Now she is worshipping the only true and living God.

Some many other children want to come to Sunday worship services andSunday school class, but they are not allowed. So I teach Jesus’ stories each day in the class. Half a story each day, so it will nottake too much time to teach regular subjects.

After a few weeks of praying, the Buddhist teacher stopped teaching on Sundays.

Teacher Maeram tells us to write report every month but there is no post office, no telephone in the village so it’s going to be a problem. But we will do our best to send report to you and teacher Maeram. May God bless you.

— Hkun Zaw, Teacher in Putaikgyi

Aung Hlaing Gone 9th Grader Wants Education To Preach

This boy is in 9th grade. According to the teacher and a committee member of school, he helps the youth minister in the church. He also is an outstanding student. He said, “I will do my best to pass high school examinations, then I will go to University.” I asked him what he would be doing after he graduate from University. He said, “ I want to become a preacher and evangelize to non Christians.” I asked him again, “I thought you might want to become a school teacher like many others. You don’t need a University education to preach the good news.” He said “No, I want to preach the good news, and the evangelists must have higher education too!”

— Maeram, ACM Educational Coordinator

Zaw Palu Paw, Aung Hlaing Gone Second Grader

By Maeram, ACM Education Coordinator

This boy is Zaw palu Paw. He is a second grader. He is being raised by his father and elder sister. He said, “I don’t know my mother. She died long time ago. My father and my brother work in rice field. My sister cooks meals. She is in the fifth grade.

“When I grow up I want to teach them like my teacher does to us.” Pointing at his friends. He thinks they will still be 2nd grade students when he becomes a teacher.

–Maeram, ACM Educational Coordinator

Aung Hlaing Gone School Thrives in Remote Area

Aung Hlaing Gone is the very southern end of the country. It has been a village for a long time. Most people who live there are fishers. The men catch all sorts of fish, then the women divide fish and shrimp. None of the villagers know the history of the village. It means it’s pretty old. The head mistress said not go back to Yangon without going to the beach. The beach was so beautiful!

They have a middle school, with nice buildings. Even though it is very far from anywhere else, many of the young ones are educated. All the teachers are natives of the village. The government can only provide two teachers while they need at least 9 teachers. But the village hired five teachers and we pay for two teachers.

They have a church building in the middle of village. The church and the school compounds are divided by a soccer field.

An elderly women who is a retired teacher is volunteering to teach 2nd grades. Her daughter said, “If she doesn’t teach she would be sick all the time. My father and my elder brother work in the farm, mother is teaching in school. I take care of the
work at home.

I visited the school and met some students. Some students are very shy. But others are pretty much out going. Most students I talked to, they said they want to teach others when they grow up in the same school they attend. (One thing I like about this
village is, all the teachers are of this village and even the preacher are from this village. I can see they are pretty much into education.)

–Maeram, ACM Educational Coordinator

2012 Leading Star Graduates Tell Their Stories

These students passed the rigorous high school examinations in 2012 after studying at Leading Star High School. Read their stories for some insight into life in remote regions of Myanmar.

1. My name is Sutring Brangmai. I live in Naung Hkaine, 11 miles east of Putao. My parents are very poor, but I want to study very much. I always thought I must at least pass High school. The subject I like most is Physics. This year I tried very hard. I wanted to get the highest point at least one subject (physics). I didn’t get the highest point but I passed the Exams. But I am satisfied. I don’t know if I will be able to study in University. Now I am working in paddy field helping my parents. Thank you for helping me to get through High school. I appreciate very much.
2. My name is Marngdam Zalaing. I was born in 1995. I have 5 brothers
and sisters. I live in Walaidama village about 22 miles away from Putao. My parents are itinerant workers, moving about to work in rice fields. I listened to the teachers, and did all assignments every day, because I do not want to stay another year in the same class as my parents are very poor. I want them to be happy. Now I am happy and my parents are happy. Thank you for helping
me to get through high school. I may not be able to go to University but I will do my best to educate the village children. May God bless you.
3. My name is Tingkang Nangziram. I was born in 1991. I have tried four years to pass high school. But I did not have the right teachers for the subjects. Teachers did their best but I did not understand what they teach. This year my mother sent me to Leading star. There I met very good teachers. I was happy. I knew from the beginning of the school year that I will pass the Examination and I did. Thank you for sending teachers. May God bless you.
4. My name is Yungka Nang. I come from a big family. All I knew was I wanted to pass High school. This is where most students including my friends drop out or give up, because the Exam is very hard. But I wanted to pass no matter what. My parents gave up on me, but I manage to go to Leading Star. The teachers spend a lot of time with students. They take care of us well. Of course we have some problems with food. The food is not always good. Only sometimes we have good food but it didn’t matter. We prayed together with teachers. They encourage us from Scriptures. Now I know how to find Bible verses. We have devotions every morning and evening. They also tell us that the only person who can help us to get through is Jesus. I really believe that Jesus can even help me to pass the hardest Examinations in my life. Thank you Jesus and thank you to the sponsors of Leading Star and thank you to teachers. May God continue to bless you!

Missionary Poem

In Thy quiver Thou dost keep me
Master Craftsman of the Bow,
Where Thy hand can grasp and use me,
Send me to the target, so.

In Thy quiver keep me closely
Daily in Thy shaping Hand.
Polish, form me, straight and straighter,
Fit for use at Thy command

From Thy quiver Thou hast drawn me,
Fit me into Thy great bow,
Send me straight into the battle.
Hearts so hard? I did not know!

To Thy quiver safe return me,
Whittle down the broken point
Polish, form me straight again, Lord
With Thy tender love anoint

From Thy quiver send, O send me
In this fight for souls of men.
All I ask, the battle over,
Put me safely back again.

–Lois Callaway, Veteran Missionary in Southeast Asia

Christians Receive Justice in Myanmar’s Naga Land

In some regions of Myanmar, especially in the tribal areas, Christians still have persecutions and oppressions. Two days ago, I got a called from my friends who are serving in the Naga tribal region. In Santung village, Christians are forced to turn to
Buddhist and a minister and an elder from Santung church of Christ were beaten when they refused, . Now the Christians from that village are being driven out from that village. I’ve been there in May(2012) and encouraged the churches, this church is banned to have a minister live in their village

Now a young man from the village graduated from a Bible college and started his ministry from this year, but the monk and an armyofficer are persecuting him to stop the ministry. Please pray for our brothers and sisters, and pray to happen something good for the ministry from this persecutions.

Two months later…

Now Preacher Badin and fellows can no longer stay quite. They tried to build a
church and worship. Another group of soldiers came and beat them. The monk and soldiers forced them to leave the village if they keep confessing. The crisis blew up to the region, with many religious and human right violations. Finally, the officials decided to settle down the turmoil by dismissing criminal accusation of the soldiers and kicking them out of the village. Now the villagers enjoy freedom of worship. Praise the Lord!

— Daniel and Yohon, Indigenous Missionaries

New Dorm Dedicated at Loving Fountain

It is great that you have supported such gifts to finish the dorm. The dedication worship service have held on August 19, 2012. Many local donors and government officials attended.

I spent more money on this building than you sent. Building products are increasing in price. The rest money came from local donors, So it is OK.

–Ah Dee Che, Loving Fountain Orphanage Center Director

Girl Flees at Night from Kachin Fighting

I live in Lontha village 50 Miles from Loving Fountain Orphanage Center, Myitkyina, Capital City of Kachin State, Burma. I saw many Kachin army coming to my village frequently with guns and booms. I was so afraid when I saw the Kachin army. They asked the pigs, chickens, rice and every thing they need. I can hear the voice of guns and booms near my village fighting between Kachin and Burmese Army. Many people were died in the battle. I ran away from the village with my mother and some villagers to Chinese Border and lived there 2 months. We left all the things, cows, pigs and vegetable. We lost all the cows and pigs when we returned to home.

Every boy has to carry the guns, booms and every thing they have to use at the battle. I and my family ran away from my village to the Border area before day light. It was a hard time and difficult time in my life. The Chinese government supported salt, chile, rice, onion, oil and blankets. All the villages, refugees were so afraid when we hear the gunfire. All the schools are closed there
and I came to Loving Fountain Orphanage Center. I am so happy and secure here at LFOC. Now I can learn and study well. Thank you very much all the donors and the director of Asian Children’s mission. I will try my best for the future of the life.

— Lae Mae Mee is now in Grade 6. She likes to sing, and would like to become a teacher.

Goliath Killed in Putaikgyi!

The Puetaikgyi teachers had students act out Bible stories. Some parents came to see the show. The children had fun. Some parents who didn’t get to see their children play Bible stories want to see it. They regret they didn’t go.

The village never had any activity such as that one. So they will have another show in October. I told them to teach about Thanksgiving in October.

They will act out the Christmas story in December. They are using and reusing Bible stories you (Joana) have written, then now the lessons Ms.Eliot has prepared. (Many Sunday school teachers said that they are very usefull for them).

They want me to come and see the children’s talent show. These teachers really love the children.

–Maeram, ACM Educational Coordinator

Fighting in Kachin Leads to Higher Food Prices at Loving Fountain

It is great to inform you that all the children are doing well and studying well. Almost all the children were sick in August, the worst season in Myanmar. By the grace of God, this month, all the children are very well.

I am so sorry to inform you that all the price of everything is rising up so I have some problem to feed the children for their living. Almost everywhere, there are still fighting between government and the insurgents. So the communication are cut and transportation is so bad. So I need your suggestion for the needs of
the children especially for food. It is urgent need to support the food for the children. So prayer for the children and their living.

Editor’s Note: Much food is grown at Loving Fountain, but feeding 50 children each day is still a big and expensive job. Pictured are two girls at Loving Fountain taking care of a pig grown at the Center.

— Ah Dee Che, Loving Fountain Director

Putao Land Ready for Mustard Seed

I sent some pictures of the land in the north, the fence is not yet complete as they clear the land for the mustard seed they will get the trees, branches and they will complete for the fence.The pictures are last three weeks situation the work is going on both for the fence and for the mustard seed field. They may not cover all 20 acres for the mustard seed but the fence will cover all the land. The pictures of two gentlemen are the leaders of both the Church and village also committee members for the land.

I will try to send the completed fence as they finished the work, the communication is somehow hard in the raining season but as the winter comes communication will be better and I will send the news as much as available.

Thank you again for your love and care.

God bless you.

— Joel, ACM Community Development Coordinator

Editor’s Note: Mustard plants are a “green manure” to improve the quality of the soil.

Mustard seeds themselves can be used to make a cooking oil. This video shows the process.

Jesus also referred to mustard seeds in Matthew 13:31-32“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. 32 Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.”

From War to Hope

Rose Mee is a new arriver at Hope in last May. She is a Lisu and studying in Grade 9. She came from Bamaw,Kachin state close to China border. She came to live at hope because there are wars at her place between Myanmar army and Kachin army. So, all villagers abandoned their villages and left to live at camps and other places. All the schools were closed in that area.Her mother and little brother are living with their relatives.

Rose wants to be a preacher and loves reading. She is now doing well at the new school and catching up on the lessons and having good time with new friends at Hope.

–Josiah, Director of Hope Children’s Home

New Kitchen Complete at Hope Children’s Home

By Josiah, Director of Hope Children’s Home

We and all Hope kids are doing well in His Grace and serving for Him.We do thank you and appreciate for your help for the kids kitchen.Now the kids kitchen is complete and they all are really enjoy it.Now they all are really in safe and can have a nice place for meals. Before they had a hard time especially in raining season,the rains and wind came in.

Editor’s Note: A special gift was made by a supporter of Asian Children’s Mission to purchase windows and doors for the new kitchen, completing the needed upgrade to facilities.

–Josiah, Director of Hope Children’s Home

Hope Now Cooking With Gas

We would like to say thank you and really appreciate the gas stove for kids cooking. It is really helpful for the kids and the cook. Before, the firewood is difficult for cooking when they are wet and not dried enough. Another problem is that now the firewoods are getting expensive and rare. So, the cook is really happy for gas stove and it makes easy and much quicker for cooking and really help her.

We even had some leftover some money after buying gas stove, so we will use that money for Thanksgiving service which will be held coming sunday.We will serve the kids and neighbors with special lunch with chicken.

May our Lord be with you always and bless you all richly.

Josiah, Director of Hope Children’s Home

Putaikgyi Girl Sings Solos

We have no time to miss our home village. We teach day and night. At night we use diesel for the lamp. The children are very much fun. They always like to learn or hear something from us. That is good for us too.

We would like to tell you about a little girl who is 8 years old. We teach the children that God is always with us. He is with us even at night or day. So you even talk to him when you need to. This 8 year old girl remembers that. So she prays before the meals and before going to bed without telling her parents. Not to suspect by her parents she rubs her eyes with her hand as she prays. She tells this in the Sunday School class and the other children laugh ha…ha..! Anyway She cansing alone infront of the class. She is the only one who sings solo,

The other children only can sing in groups. When we play her singing to her parents they are very thriledl and said “she may become a singer who knows”.After while the other children
also said “I will sing by myself at Christmas.”

Most of the time, there is no electricity. But at Christmas we borrow a generator and get more diesel fuel so we can have lights at night, and used a borrowed sound system.

Teacher Timothy has given us some booklets. So we use them to help us evangelize. We use these booklets and SS lesson books. They all are very useful.

–Teachers Deeram and Zaw Hkun

Note from Maeram: I would say Deeram is one of the present day Jonahs. He had travel to many villages visiting teachers last year. From the beginning he wanted to teach. But somehow he was offered a job in NayPyi Daw (the new capital city of Myanmar) by a friend. So he told me he was not going to the village. So we had a fight. At last I told him, “It’s up to you. If you want to devil to win in your life go to NayPyi Daw.” He disappeared one week. I was not looking for him. One day he called me, he wanted to visit me. I said why not come. Then he said I fell ashamed. I said I am too.  After one hour he came and said he will go to the village. Now he is even thinking about living in Delta all his life. They both love the children so much. Even when they came to the city, their hearts are in the village.

2012 Famine in Putao

Dear Friends, I heard our native people are starving. There are three causes of starving.

1. The High way road, bridges were destroyed by the fighting between KIA (Kachin Indenpendent Army) and Myanmar soldiers and uable to ship rice and other food supplies to Putao from Myitkyina (218 miles).
2. No more slash and burn and plant rice and lack of rice supplies for 150,000 people in Putao area.
3. The crops failures by climate change, heavy rain, flood.

I wanted to go and help them. God blessed our need and we hurried to plan to distribute rice supplies.


It is not important who we are. But important WHO WITH US. YES, GOD WITH US AND OUR PLAN. It is 90% impossible to transfer rice to Putao from Myitkyina as there are only two flights in a week. But God with us and made a way to ship rice from flight charter. A friend helped in this shipping.


We could only ship 200 bags (1000 Kilos) to Putao and distributed in time. As the villagers heard the good news, they rushed to us early morning at 6:00 AM.. We were not ready and asked them to wait. But they said..

“We don’t have rice for breakfast, and we boiled water for ready to cook and come and get rice”. Yes, they all did not have rice for that day. God blessed them for daily need. We gave 2 kilos for every family, totally 500 families, 10 villages. We also distributed Kamti Shan ethnic group.

“This is the first time we received rice free of charges”, a villager said.

A large bag of rice was given to the Asian Children’s Mission preschool in Mulashidi.


“Our family borrowed rice in advance and promised them to give back triple (3 times) amount of rice in harvest time. So All the crops will be taken over by the lender”, A farmer said.

” I asked the students to raise their hands if they did not eat breakfast.. I brought bananas for the students. All the students raised their hands… So I dismissed the students to go out to find some food in the jungle”.

” Our family just eat one meal a day and just drink rice soup”

“I will serve you in the harvest time, please give me rice now”… Kamti Shan family became slave for two months to the Land Lord by getting rice in starving time”

“We put a few rice in the pot, then we added banana, tarot, and whatever we found in the jungle and cook for meal”

“The patients enrollment increased in starving time as most of them felt malnourishment and related diseases” the doctor said.

“The local government could not solve this starvation. They shipped rice for themselves and sold with highest prices.”

“The rich become more riches, the Poor become more poverty”.

These are the voice of the communities..


The climate changed and the crops failures. The farmers sold their crops, paddy fields, animals and ate in starving time and hopeless in the future. Some farms will taken over by military. The population grow and the paddy fields were destroyed by flood.


I did challenges to the Christian brothers to have vision for self sustaining projects. We have about 2000 acres in Putao plain and it is possible to make rice field. But we need water supplies.. I encouraged to the villagers the possibility of two things.

1. Make a big water Dam in the top of Mulashid village and gave water distribution to the flat areas.

2. We have a stream in the other side of Mula River and make irrigation for this flat area.

These two project are too big.. about US$ 200,000 Project. But I challenged them that GOD IS ABLE TO PROVIDE if we have a plan and vision..

By Simon, Christian Leader and Humanitarian Worker

Cost of Food at Loving Fountain

By Ah Dee Che, Loving Fountain Orphanage Center in Myitkyina

Here is the monthly cost for food at our orphanage in Kyats (Note: kyats are Myanmar money. The exchange rate is approximately 800 kyats to $1.00)

1. Fire Wood 80000

2. Rice 240000

3. Cooking Oil 28000

4. Vegetables 30000

5. Salt,Onion ect… 90000

5. Beans 90000

7. Meats 180000

Total 738000 kyats or $923

1$= 800 Kyats
There are 50 orphanage children in the school year of 2012 including 20 refugees orphanage children. The cost of items are rising up this year.

–Ah Dee Che, Loving Fountain Children’s Home

President Obama Visits Myanmar!

The Military Government (Gen. Nel Win) took the power in 1962. Now 2012… it is 50 year.. Jubilee. We noticed that many things changed..

Many thousands acres of lands, paddy fields were paid back to the land owners, the poor.

– The mobile Sim Cards.. price get down US$ 5,000.00 to US$ 300.

– The car price getting down 70%.. PERMISSION TO IMPORT A CAR.. COST US$ 50,000.00 TO US$ 10,000. (Just permission to import a car.. US$ 10,000.. is still expensive.)

– MORE Freedom to worship, Celebration, Build Church, speak, and human right.. (No more force Labor)

The first time in History, US President Obama just visited to Myanmar for six hours on November 19, 2012. He visited Pre. Thein Sein, Opp. Democratic Leader Aung San Su Kyi and Yangon University Graduation Hall.

Obama spoke on the behalf for Myanmar people… To continue to change… and develop in all.

Please Keep praying for Burma.

By a Christian leader in Myanmar

Rahkine Teacher Shares Hardships

I teach the children not only on Sundays but also week days. (There is no school in her small village) My concern is to educate the children as much as I can. If they know how to read and write they can know God’s Word. If they memorize God’s word the word will stick in their hearts and will work in their lives. I teach them how to read and write Burmese and English.

The children have a difficult life. They have very little food, one or two clothes and live in houses like huts.

We have no nice, decent classroom nor nice facilities. But we can use stairways and floors to write on. The children are happy and I am happy.

Please pray for me and for the children as well as for the parents. I thank the children’s parents because they allow them to come to learn. They learn to sing, they learn to act Bible stories. Their favorite stories are David and Goliath, the birth of Jesus, Jonah and the big fish, and Noah’s Ark.

Prayer requests:
1. For Christmas 150,000 kyatsv
2. Feeding the children ones a week
3. Used clothes, pencils, and a nice classroom.

Thank you and May God bless you.

— Kyi Kyi Soe, Sunday School Teacher from U Sun Taung village, Rahkine State

Note from Maeram: This is a report from a Sunday school teacher in Rahkaine State. She is faithful teacher. She gives her life for the children. She is young and energetic and loves the children and the Lord.

Solar Powered TV For Putaikgyi School

By Maeram, ACM Education Coordinator

Deeram sends you Christmas greetings. He said to tell you Thanks. We are serving the
Lord together in harmony. Without you (Asian Children’s Mission) the work may be crippled. We got a solar set and a TV and DVD player for them to use in ministry. They need solar
because, there is no electricity in the village and they have to teach the Bible lessons in the evenings. They are very grateful, and the children are very happy.

Leading Star Students Persevere During Famine Time

Most children who are studying in this high school are from remote areas of Kachin. Some have walked over 2 weeks, some much closer. It’s difficult for them to carry their own food for all year round. For us teachers, it is impossible to get food for all of them. So we all are suffering at the same time. But the children do well in classes. They learn to trust God. In the very hard times like these days ( the famine) they do not cause any problems. Even when they are hungry, they fill their stomach with water. We thank God for these children. They are such a strength to the teachers.

These days the children are often sick. Most of the children have malaria. They also suffer from not getting enough nutrition. They have diarrhea, and itching. If possible we need some medicines for such diseases. Thank you and May God bless you.

–Kono, Head Teacher at Leading Star High

Note: Kono is one of the outstanding women in Putao. She has completed Master degree and was offered a better job, but she chose to teach students who come to Putao for better education.

Leading Star Students Face Challenges

We trust that all is well with you. We are grateful that you have been faithful in supporting teachers and students in Putao. We teach these children to upgrade the life of the people and to educate the younger generation. We are thankful to Asian Children’s Mission for your willingness to serve the Lord through education.

This year we have about 40 students. They are so eager in learning. They learn to depend not on the teachers but themselves and the Lord. Some have never read the Bible until they come to this place.

We believe that teaching the Bible is important as well as teaching secular subjects. So before we start teaching ordinary subjects we read the Bible, and memorize and explain the meaning, then go on to other subjects.

This year the students have had a very difficult experiences. They often had diarrhea and flu and malaria. Students were often sick. We think that lack of nutrition cause some of these sicknesses as they had very little food, due to the famine in Putao area. Therefore we would like to request for medicine assistance such as malaria and vitamins and medicine for stomach. Many of these children are from very remote area, and are not able to bring food or money. We pray for you for God’s blessing upon you for helping such need for the children. May God richly bless you.

–Jonathon, Assistant Teacher, Leading Star

Christmas at Hope

By Josiah, Director at Hope Children’s Home

We – our family and all Hope kids are doing well in His grace and having Christmas holidays. We had Christmas service and fun yesterday at Hope. All the kids really enjoyed the Christmas time and caroling our neighbors with songs at night and shared our Lord and our king was born.

We also did happy birthday party for Hope kids like last year on 18,Dec, on your (Joana’s) birthday and we remembered and prayed for you too at that time.The kids really enjoyed the birthday cakes.

Also we have baptized 5 hope kids in this Christmas since they accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.Please, keep pray for them to grow in the Lord.

— Josiah, Director of Hope Children’s Home

Mulashidi Preschool in North Myanmar

We do thank you and really appreciate your help for preschool. The preschool has been doing well and from last month the preschool was closed for break time and will open again from next month. The preschool has been very helpful and beneficial for the kids and the parents are really thankful for the program. They are praying and hoping for your continuing help.

— Josiah, Director of Hope Children’s Home

Civil War in Kachin Leads to Hunger

We do appreciate for your gifts for Putao brothers and sisters in Christ. Last month we were able to distribute and shared rice to about 50 families, each about 3 kg.I am sending some of pictures. Please, keep pray for them that there are still a lot needed and from last month the civil war become more worst and you may see on internet news. So this year the people seem to suffer more.

Josiah, Director of Hope Children’s Home

Sunday School Teacher Training in Putao

I had a wonderful experience doing Sunday School Teachers Training in Putao. There were 90 teachers registered at the training. We had so much fun! The new Sunday School curriculum is a very helpful book for them indeed. It was a new experience for them, having a printed curriculum was the first time for them. But I told them it was good to use in teaching and also a great help for preparing new lessons.

–Maeram, ACM Educational Coordinator

Gold Mining Dangerous for Kachin Young People

Many young people, and older ones too, in Kachin State go to the gold mines to try to find gold. But what happen is that a lot of times these young people don’t earn enough money to come home, so they stay in the jungle so many months, get malaria and die. They never come home. They are buried in the jungle. Anyway except praying for we can do nothing.

–Maeram, ACM Education Coordinator

Editor’s Note: If you want to learn more about gold mining in Burma, visit

Leading Star Graduate Sends Thanks

My name is Aye li, U an from Nawng Hkai village.

I grew up in a big family. My parents were very poor so they gave away my youngest sister to another family to adopt. It was so sad and it hurt me so much. That is the reason I did my best to achieve the high school education. My hope was some day I will become educated person.

If not for the supporter to the Leading Star I would never be able to complete the high school education. Even though I passed high School exams getting into University is an uncertain dream. Now I am the point to giving up the University. Because my parents cannot send me to University. But I gave all my future to God. I will just wait what He has in store for me
Thank you to all supporters of Leading Star.

Leading Star Graduate Expresses Thanks

My name is Ninram. I am from Zion, 8 miles away from Putao. I have four other brothers and sisters. My mother died when I was very little.

After that father got mental illness. The neighbors and relatives
help all 5 of us. Our live is not easy. But I passed 10 standard and
got the highest grade on Economy subject. I praise God for giving me so much opportunity to attend this place.

Mother died because of lack of health workers and lack of knowledge of how to care the sick. So I want to become a nurse to help my people in the villages.

I tried very hard to passed the Exams. My elder brother is
studying at a technology school. Even though neither my brother or me have money to take special classes we were able to attend this
school. Thank you very much to the supporter. May God bless you and gives you courage to help students like me.

Leading Star Student Wants to Learn English

My name is Hkong Hkin. I want to be able to speak English and I want to be able to work with computers. My main ambition is to help my father with the church work. Many people think that a preacher don’t need much education but I don’t think so. Infact they must be educated people, because they deal with all different types of people. So I want to be educated.

Leading Star Needs Blankets and More

The students at Leading Star said they needed blankets and water tanks to store water when they take shower. All the boys have to wait until the girls done and then the boys take shower in an open place, around a water well. But they are very disciplined. The boys stay inside while the girls take shower and the girls go inside during the boys turn come.

They come from different tribes and different places, some of them don’t even understand each other but the teachers said they are very obedient and love one another. On Sunday they don’t’ have to be told to go to church or read the Bible. Some learn to trust God since they come to this place. A few of them were sent particularly by parents because they also teach the Bible.

They said they also need vitamins and medicines for stomach and for pains and malaria. I told them they look good and healthy. They said it’s harvest time. They get enough food.

–Maeram, ACM Education Coordinator

Leading Star Student Seeks Right Education

My name is Leme Latsar Ong. I am from Shingkong China border. I needed better education and I need to be secure that I get the right education.

We need some blankets. It’s very cold at night. We can hardly sleep. Thank you. May God bless you.

Leading Star Student Hopes to Return as University Grad

My name is Hana. I came here because I heard that the teachers in this center teach well. I want to become a teacher. I will help teaching in this center when I graduate from University, so that many students will be able to go to Univesities and get education. I also realize we need some big water tanks for students in this center. That will be very good to have shower at the same time in different place. That will save a lot of time too.

Shan Girl Learns About Jesus at Leading Star

My name is Zwe Unma Aung. I am from Shan tribe. I heard this center was very good at teaching students. So my parents and I decided that I should stay here and get all the teaching. I am not a Christian, but Since I came to this place I have heard so much about Jesus. And the teachers and the students are very loving. They care for each other including me. I think I already am convinced by these people. I want to know more about Jesus and Christians.

Leading Star Student Wants to Teach

My name is Rapma Deeshin. I have 2 brothers and sisters. My elder brother passed High school final (the big Exams) from this center. So I have a confidence that all the teachers here are very good teachers. I think I will be able to pass high school final also. I like teaching, so I want to be a teacher. We need more blankets.

Leading Star Student Wants To Become Tour Guide

My name is Tin San Aung. I am from Shanggong village. When I grow up I want to become a tourist guide.

Leading Star Student Wants to Preach

My name is Jambri Robina. I am from Darbang village. When I graduate from University I want to spread the Gospel to Burmese poeple. But I need to complete high school first. That is why I am here. I came here to be able to pass the big Examinations. To be able to preach the Gospel to unreached I believe I should be able to get a good education.

Thank you to all sponsors. May God bless you all.

Leading Star Student from China Border

My name is Sungdam Sardang. I am from Krong village, which is about 14 days walking disdance from Putao. In my village there is only a small primary school. Krong village is not close to any where, though it looks close to China border in the map. I want to become a local leader to change our people’s mind set. (He is from one of the several groups of Rvwang tribe which live most in China side).

I want to say that we need 2 big water containers here in this place. One for the girls and one for the boys (for showers). So that we don’t need to wait. We also need a good toilet for students. Thank you.

Leading Star Student Listens to Parents

My name is Zin Ma Aung. My mother is a Christian. I am glad I came to this place. My father sent me to this place so that I can learn about Jesus as well as getting tutor for school work. I listen to my teacher and my parents.

Leading Star Student Hopes to Become Army Officer

My name is Rawang Pung. I come from Konglangpu area. My father is a retired soldier but he is a Christian. He wants me to become an officer in our area. He believes that we need Christian officers who understand about people and who knows God. I agree with my father. That is one reason I came to this place. We learn the Bible and we have devotions as we study the school lessons.

Leading Star High School Student Hopes to Pass Exams

My name is Jayza Hkin. I am from Konglangpu area. I have an older brother. He quit school when he failed the tenth standard. My parents always tell me to try harder. So I travelled many days to get to this village. I have so much hope that I will pass the big exams this year. I want to become a school teacher to teach t he young generation.

Note: the “big exams” are the national final examinations for high school graduation. Students are tested for two weeks, over 10 subject areas. They must pass each of the 10 tests in order to graduate. It is a very difficult challenge, especially in remote areas of Myanmar, such as the Konglangpu area in Kachin state.

Staff Member ‘s Mother-in-Law Dies in Putao

I have been away for about 10 days. I went to Putao to see Timothy’s (Maeram’s husband) mother. I thought I should go see her for the last time. She passed away the day after I arrived there. She could not speak but the last day she spoke a lot but we didn’t understand all except for a few words.

She blessed the grand children and Ginzi. Ginzi spoke on the phone and she talked to her. I was glad I got to see her. She knew she was going.

The funeral went so well. Hundreds of people came both days. Until the last minute she wispered “do let anyone go hungry.” So the neigbours cooked and cooked for all the people. But the Lord was good, people did help with rice and animals.

–Maeram, ACM Education Coordinator

Nu Nu Wae Hopes to Study at University

I want to tell you about a girl named Nu Nu Wae. She was an outstanding student from Putaik gyi 4 years ago. Now she is attending High School in a big town. She is a believer but hasn’t been baptized yet but she reads the Bible every day. She prays every day that if there is the true God she will be able to get a chance to complete high school education. Being able to attend high school is a big opportunity. Her parents are not able to support her. Thanks to ACM that you are able to help her with part of her tuition fees. Her sister Yu Yu Wae is most outstanding student in Putaik Gyi. She is in 5th standard. Helping Nu Nu Wae will be worth. She can teach her village students after graduating from the Bible College. She may even have a chance to take correspondent courses from secular University. Our work is to train native young men and women to educate their young ones. We pray that she may be able to do something for her village.

— Maeram, ACM Education Coordinator

Leme Dwe Likes Soccer

Leme Dwe is now in the fourth grade. His mother died after he was born. He hardly could walk when he first got here at Hope because of malnutrition. As you see in the picture now he can walk and play very well. He is strong and studying well at school. His favorite sport is football (soccer) and he wants to be the best player. His favorite subject is Math. Sometimes he worries for about failing an exam.

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