• Mission to Myanmar VBS Curriculum

    We developed an easy, fun and free Vacation Bible School curriculum where kids learn about the Bible and about the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar, where ACM works. Download the program and get started now!

  • The Story of ACM

    In the evening, various Christian leaders in the region came to my hotel to meet with me. I was intrigued by their stories – sometimes of miracles, sometimes of hardship. But the stories that kept me awake at night were the stories of children with no parents, no schools, no hope. -Joana T. Jones, Director

  • Community Development

    The vision for the land is so wide and wonderful, but let our God allow us to accomplish it. Let our God be glorified through our participation, and the people will get God\\\'s blessings abundantly. -Joel, ACM Staff Member

  • Myanmar Community Development Center

    They come to see God\\\'s love through our best message of love action. People are looking for our demonstration, not too much for speaking. -Simon, ACM Partner

  • Education

    Parents are very happy. They said, \\\"We never have such activities before. Teachers! We want you to stay in our village forever!\\\"-Zaw Hkun, an ACM Sponsored Teacher

  • Orphan Care

    By the grace of God, all the orphanage children passed their examination. They are doing well and going to school. -Ah Dee Che, Loving Fountain Childrens Home

  • Stories from Myanmar

    Dear Friends, I heard our native people are starving. I wanted to go and help them. God blessed our need and we hurried to plan to distribute rice supplies. -Simon, ACM Partner

  • The ACM Blog

    Hope. What a wonderful word. I remember seeing a young girl once carrying a bag of charcoal on her head. Her sad eyes reflected the hopelessness of her condition. Not so with our children. They are poor, but they have hope for this life, and the life to come. -Joana T. Jones, Director

  • Join the Adventure

    We had a wonderful time being together with Hopeful Hearts and they did well at medical training and VBS for the kids. We had more than 100 kids that day and invited another 3 orphanages. The team was quite busy with VBS classes and they really enjoyed it. -Josiah, Director of Hope


Mission Statement

stage-image The care, protection and education of vulnerable children in Myanmar (Burma) is the primary mission of Asian Children’s Mission. Our work is an outgrowth of the command of Jesus given in Mark 10:14: "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."
We practice holistic Christian ministry where we do not make a false distinction between the spiritual and physical needs of children. Our work with children is specifically expressed in educational initiatives, orphan care and community development.

Become a Partner in Change!

stage-image Over 95% of your donations go directly to programs in Burma. With ministries in education, community development, orphan care and emergency relief as well as scores of teachers and children to support, Asian Children's Mission has lots of ways you can become a partner in change.
There are many one-time and recurring gift options to a variety of causes that could use your help! Visit our How to Donate page and choose to give to whichever program needs it most, or designate your gift to the cause that moves you most.

Featured Ministry Projects

ACM Ministries

Education and Literacy

As Myanmar is slowly embracing democracy, educational reforms are major news in the country, Maeram, ACM’s educational coordinat...

Rakhine School

The village of U Zan Taung in Rakhine state had no school — until a determined young Christian teacher and her parents decid...

Thani Bauk School

ACM is currently seeking funding for a project to build a multipurpose building in the remote Delta-area village of Thani Bauk. Th...

Medical Relief

While it is not one of ACM’s primary missions, we occasionally help with serious medical needs, such as special medicine for...

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