Education and Literacy

As Myanmar is slowly embracing democracy, educational reforms are major news in the country, Maeram, ACM’s educational coordinator, has been deeply involved in the literacy movement within the country.

A member of the Rawang ethnic group, she is passionate about preserving the mother-tongue language of her people. She has labored for years in developing stories and in fine-tuning the written language of the Rawangs. Her patience, persistence and hard work is paying off. She was invited to participate in a literacy conference aimed at teaching elementary school students in their mother-tongue.

“It is wonderful how God is working among us.”

Maeram and her team have prepared six weeks of lessons for teachers, and a series of ten books for kindergarten. These books have many pictures, and discuss activities rural Rawang children are familiar with: taking care of farm animals, reaping the rice harvest, going to the market, etc. One book is called “Everyone has a duty,” and describes the roles and responsibilities of family members – including the animals!

The team represented the different dialects of the Rawang language and came together in unity.

These books are being published at government expense and will be distributed to schools where most children are from the Rawang ethnic group. Maeram said, “I have prayed for something like this for 15 years. At last it has happened. The additional gift is that it will be used in public schools. I never expected that. I just prayed for storybooks. It is wonderful how God is working among us.”