By Naw Sreeza Paw, ACM Teacher at Aung Hlaing Gone

Because of the support of Asian Children’s Mission, all students are able to learn well.  When the children are happy learning, the parents are thankful to you.  Even though they have not seen you, they have heard about you.

I am teaching 60 first grade students.  I teach all subjects — reading, writing and also behavior and manners.  Many children have changed their behavior little by little are becoming better kids.  That is my strength to continue to teach.

This year our problem was the school building.  On one side, we have no wall.  On the other side, we have a bamboo wall, but after many years of rain, that wall became rotten.  The wall finally fell down during monsoon.

So many times students could not study well because they got wet when it rained.  With all the students we tried to figure our how we could solve this problem.  We thought of getting plastic, but to buy a plastic rain cover it is expensive.  The second problem is that someone must go as far as Laputta to get the plastic.    But monsoon is almost over, so we do not need to worry about the rain.  But the cool season is coming soon.  We would like to request your prayers.

This month I have 34 boys and 24 girls.