By Kyi Kyi Soe, Sunday School Teacher from U Sun Taung village, Rahkine State
I teach the children not only on Sundays but also week days.  (There is no school in her small village)  My concern is to educate the children as much as I can.  If they know how to read and write they can know God’s Word.   If they memorize God’s word the word will stick in their hearts and will work in their lives.   I teach them how to read and write Burmese and English.

The children have a difficult life. They have very little food, one or two clothes and live in  houses like huts.
We have no nice, decent classroom nor nice facilities. But we can use stair ways and floors to write on. The children are happy and I am happy.
Please pray for me and for the children as well as for the parents.  I thank the children’s parents because they allow them to come to learn.  They learn to sing, they learn to act Bible stories.  Their favorite stories are David and Goliath, The birth of Jesus, Jonah and the big fish, Noah.

Prayer requests:
1.  For Christmas 150,000 kyats
2.  Feeding the children ones a week
3. Used clothes, pencils, and a nice classroom.

Thank you and May God bless you.

Note from Maeram:  This is a report from a Sunday school teacher in Rahkaine State. She is faithful teacher. She sacrifice her life for the children. She is young and energetic and love the children and the Lord.