By Deeram amd Zaw Hkum
We would like to tell you about the children in Putaikgyi. We have about 80 students in our school. We teach first grade to 7th grade with 3 teachers.  Now they can even read the Bible and  memorized many verses. We teach regular classes, then teach the Bible in the evenings and on Sundays.  Our students work very hard.

Another school year passed peacefully. When we left the village the childrencried, when the children cried, the parents cried, so we all cried!  One boy from grade 5 Maung Tun said, “Teachers, we don’t want you to go,but even if you have to go just make a short visit. You must come backsoon. We won’t have anyone to preach on Sunday.” An elderly man also agreed with Maung Tun and said, “What he said was true. You bring God with you, but when summer comes you take away God with you”.

The students said they will gather on Sundays and read the Bible and pray.When I heard this it really made me not want to leave them. A girl from 6th grade tells me that she likes to sing praise songs when she is alone. “Singing praise makes me happy and I feel like God is right
beside me.” She is an orphan. She lives with her grandmother whom they call “Nat gadaw” which means spirit posses person. This girl used tobe very difficult. She didn’t even want to hear Christian songs. Nowshe is very enthusiastic about God. To please her grandmother she gets
up early, does all house work, so that grandmother allows her to go to church. Her name is Zin Ma Win.

There is nothing in the village. No electricity, no shops, no book stores or anything else. But we have decided to live there. We want the little church to grow and we want to help the children grow spiritualyl. The only time that makes me want to leave is when I look at our torn tiny house. It leaks during monsoon. We can watch the stars at night during summer. So please pray that we will have a nice safe home.  During summer we will let the children help us with the foundation of
the house.  We haven’t heard from you about the building, but we will go ahead and do the part we can.