My name is Kong Sein. I am the fourth son of  seven children of Kong Kin and Nang gwe dang. My father is a minister in my village. My family lives in about 25 miles north of Putao. But it takes about 2 days to walk.

My elder brothers married when they were 18 and 19 years old. We live in a hilly land which the tourists call “Untouched land”. The village is close to the snow mountains (foothills of the Himalaya mountains). Tourists often visit the area, and they often stay in our home.  We want to talk to them, but we don’t know the language, so I want to be able to speak English to communicate with them.

Now I am in the Eleventh grade. I am taking Biology class, but my interest is computer. My hope is one day I will go back to my home village to teach computer to the children. Thank you teacher (Joana) for your help. May God reward you for your kindness. Kong Sein, Putao