By Maeram, ACM Educational Coordinator

The students at Leading Star said they needed blankets and water tanks to store water when they take shower. All the boys have to wait until the girls done and then the boys take shower in an open place, around a water well.   But they are very disciplined. The boys stay inside while the girls take shower and the girls go inside during the boys turn come.

They come from different tribes and different places, some of them don’t even understand each other but the teachers said they are very obedient and love one another. On Sunday they don’t’ have to be told to go to church or read the Bible. Some learn to trust God since they come to this place. A few of them were sent particularly by parents because they also teach the Bible.

They said they also need vitamins and medicines for stomach and for pains and malaria. I told them they look good and healthy. They said it’s harvest time. They get enough food.