My name is Ninram. I am from Zion, eight miles away from Putao. I have four other brothers and sisters. My mother died when I was very little.  After that father got mental illness. The neighbors  and relatives help all five of us. Our lives were not easy. But I passed 10 standard (Note: Myanmar uses the British System — 10 Standard is the “senior” year) and got the highest grade on Economy subject. I praise God for giving me so much opportunity to attend this place. Mother died because of lack of health workers and lack of knowledge of how to care
the sick. So I want to become a nurse to help my people in the villages. I tried very hard to passed the Exams. My elder brother is studying at a technology school. Even though neither my brother or me have money to take special classes we were able to attend this school. Thank you very much to the supporter. May God bless you and gives you courage to help students like me.