In our society some unhappy things are happening.

On February 14, one of the MBI faculty members married.  The same day his mother died. We were faced very much hard time with his family. The night I spent with his family and
encouraged them by reading I Cor 13:8-12, Isaiah 55:8. In our life there are many things that we are facing without sound meaning and many will give meanings by saying because of … because of ….which are meaningless from the Bible view. Our knowledge is very much limited from God’s knowledge, we know only little.  We are under God’s plan and His  purpose we live. The family somehow get encouraged I believe.

Again last Tuesday one of my wife’s cousin’s husband(unbeliever) suddenly died from Auto/ Rickshow accident. From last October one ofNangram’s cousin is suffering from TB as well as HIV positive. Her mother is paralyzing, one of her brother is drunkard and two brothers
and two sisters are abroad, she knows her situation very well but she doesn’t want to know any body that she is suffering from HIV we spent many times with her and help as much as we can but her main problem, HIV, is hidden from our conversation because of many reasons.  The only thing we do is giving suggestions for her better life. So please pray for us.

Let our fellowship in the Lord be strengthen and firm for His glory and Honor.