By Lae Mae Mee, Age 10

I live in Lontha village 50 Miles from Loving Fountain Orphanage Center, Myitkyina, Capital City of Kachin State, Burma. I saw many Kachin army coming to my village frequently with guns and booms. I was so afraid when I saw the Kachin army. They asked the pigs, chickens, rice and every thing they need. I can hear the voice of guns and booms near my village fighting between Kachin and Burmese Army. Many people were died in the battle. I ran away from the village with my mother and some villagers to Chinese Border and lived there 2 months. We left all the things, cows, pigs and vegetable. We lost all the cows and pigs when we returned to home.

Every boy has to carry the guns, booms and every thing they have to use at the battle. I and my family ran away from my village to the Border area before day light. It was a hard time and difficult time in my life. The Chinese government supported salt, chile, rice, onion, oil and blankets. All the villages, refugees
were so afraid when we hear the gunfire. All the schools are closed there
and I came to Loving Fountain Orphanage Center. I am so happy and secure here at LFOC. Now I can learn and study well. Thank you very much all the donors and the director of Asian Children’s mission. I will try my best for the future of the life.

Lae Mae Mee is now in Grade 6.  She likes to sing, and would like to become a teacher.