Aung Hlaing Gone is the very southern end of the country. It has been a village for a long time. Most people who live there are fishers. The men catch all sorts of fish, then the women divide fish and shrimp.  None of the villagers know the history of the village. It means it’s pretty old.  The head mistress said not go back to Yangon without going to the beach. The beach was so beautiful!

They have a middle school, with nice buildings. Even though it is very far from anywhere else, many of the young ones are educated. All the teachers are natives of the village. The government can only provide two teachers while they need at least 9 teachers. But the village hired five teachers and we pay for two teachers.

They have a church building in the middle of village. The church and the school compounds are divided by a soccer field.

An elderly women who is a retired teacher is volunteering to teach 2nd grades. Her daughter said, “If she doesn’t teach she would be sick all the time. My father and my elder brother work in the farm, mother is teaching in school. I take care of the
work at home.

I visited the school and met some students.  Some students are very shy. But others are pretty much out going. Most students I talked to, they said they want to teach others when they grow up in the same school they attend. (Onething I like about this
village is, all the teachers are of this village and even the preacher are from this village. I can see they are pretty much into education.)