We have no time to miss our home village. We teach day and night. At night we use diesel for the lamp. The children are very much fun. They always like to learn or hear something from us. That is good for us too.
We would like to tell you about a little girl who is 8 years old. Weteach the children that God is always with us. He is with us even at night or day. So you even talk to him when you need to. This 8 year old girl remembers that. So she prays before the meals and before going to bed without telling her parents.   Not to suspect by her parents she rubs her eyes with her hand as she prays. She tells this in the Sunday School class and the other children laugh ha…ha..! Anyway She cansing alone infront of the class. She is the only one who sings solo,
the other children only can sing in groups. When we play her singing to her parents they are very thriledl and said “she may become a singer who knows”.After while the other children also said “I will sing by myself at Christmas”

Most of the time, there is no electricity.  But at Christmas we borrow a generator and get more diesel fuel so we can have lights at night, and used a borrowed sound system.
Teacher Timothy has given us some booklets. So we use them to help us evangelize.  We use these booklets and SS lesson books. They all are very useful.

Note from Maeram: I would say Deeram is one of the present day Jonahs. He had travel to many villages visiting teachers last year. From the beginning he wanted to teach. But somehow he was offered a job in NayPyi Daw (the new capital city of Myanmar) by a friend. So he told me he was not going to the village. So we had a fight. At last I told him, “It’s up to you. If you want to devil to win in your life go to NayPyi Daw.” He disappeared one week. I was not looking for him. One day he called me, he wanted to visit me. I said why not come. Then he said I fell ashamed. I said I am too.  After one hour he came and said he will go to the village. Now he is even thinking about living in Delta all his life. They both love the children so much. Even when they came to the city, their hearts are in the village.