By Courtney Prater, Missionary Intern to Myanmar
     Simon wanted to show me his rice field the other day so we ventured out there to find a group of guys staring at a mysterious lump of whatever. It was Cobra eggs! About 20 of them. Me- “So we are going to smash them right??” Simon- “No, they won’t do that because they might be ancestors of these people. (reincarnation)” Me- “hmmm…..rightttt” Besides that….the tour of his business was very interesting.
     Last night I stayed at a hotel with one of the girls. She did not speak English. You would hope the silence and language barrier would be some sort of trick and one of us would give in and start talking…but it’s not. It’s real. And I am constantly in these situations. Can you imagine being right next to someone and unable to speak to them. Not because you do not want to, but because you literally CAN’T! Ahhh. It is so frustrating. I want to know these kids so much more, but I am running out of ways to understand them. However, I think our relationships are amazing. I literally love these kids. And I know May 25 when I return to the US will be one of the hardest days I will have to face.
     Random but traumatic. The other night was my night to cook (not that we take turns, but I asked if I could make spaghetti…HA) Anyways…I bought all the stuff….put it in the cabinet until dinner. Played with the kids…duh… Dinner came around…I take out the sack and DROP THE ONE CAN OF SAUCE! The store is too far to go to at this time. sooo. No spaghetti for me. I was 1. embarassed 2. ashamed and 3. heartbroken! Josiah and Phoebe laughed and laughed. They give me one job and I fail! BUT Phoebe promised to get more sauce this weekend and we would have spaghetti Sunday 🙂
     The water festival begins next week. The kids and I will attend “vacation bible school” at EBI next to the childrens home. I am excited to meet more new people! Also Josiah is taking me in town to witness the festival for a day! It shall be very, very, intriguing.