By Courtney Prater, Missionary Intern to Myanmar, April 1, 2014

This is the boy who takes up a huge gap of my heart. AKA Jonathan by most. He was the first boy to start the “pony tail spike” trend here on campus! What a Ham

…. I was just about to start this post when my friend Zahmi came to the internet shop with a look like “oh there you are” She has been bringing her cousins to my house to learn basic English. Yesterday they were here and she told me that she would come in the morning (this morning) but she never showed up…or called. I had just got to the internet shop when she came and ask me to come back to the house to teach. At first I was a little frustrated because I was busy (writing this, emailing Joana, and sending pictures to her for the ACM website) I was not just “checking my Facebook”.

Anyways…I quickly told myself that their culture is MUCH different, and time is not as precise as Americans like to make it. Which I am thankful for most days, but the American side of me would of liked to had a phone call, but I am flexible and I calmed myself in two minutes. She apologized many times as well.

Okay..I am fine now. I just had an American moment…that was bound to happen right??

Today is APRIL FOOLS DAY! Here, many stores will close for this holiday. But it is not April Fools Day for them, it is the day where new money is being made. So that is a celebration? I think. Ha, I did not quite understand, but I think that was the gist of the explanation that was given to me. Sometimes I feel like I am playing the game “telephone” with them….to me…to you…through my blog.

Oh..speaking of explanation… IF you have been reading, remember when I told you about the game KAZAMAE….uhh, that is not the name of the game, “kazamae” means “play” in Myanmar! They say you learn something new everyday! I think that is the one statement you can count on.

So about this beauty shop. I bought some little rubber bands at the store the other day after I played “dress up” with a couple of the girls. I told Phoebe I wanted to do their hair (I thought they’d enjoy it) Little did I know, she would be the first one in line! She grabbed me a chair and plopped right down and expected some great hair do. I brought back “twisties” from middle school and went to town. She loved it! And so did the rest of them. I did hair for 2.5 hours! At least I can mark a hair stylist off my endless list of uncertain careers, because my feet and hands are killing me. Not only did I do the girls hair, the boys wanted little pony tail- spikes- Haha I tried to take pictures, however it was dark when we were done, and my camera was acting up.

Of course we had a dance party afterwards… mostly the younger kids. After awhile it died down and I was hanging out with about five 6 year olds. They wanted to go to “Courtney’s House!” Ha…Soo we went! They played games on my Ipad then we read (looked at pictures) in a bedtime story book I had brought with me. I would point and tell them what the objects were in the pictures and Jonathan (Josiahs middle son) would say “Myanmar speak” then tell me what the word was in Burmese. Aghhh. He literally melts my heart. He is so precious! I know the feelings are mutual…he tells me he loves me all the time;)

Oh I almost forgot a crazy high light of the night…which I don’t know if I should tell you…but I am going to. When we got back to my house I went into the “shower room” and I was washing my feet with the door open. The kids followed me to wash theirs….then…..they were all peeing on the floor! Right in front me and everyone else like it was no big deal! Then they washed their hands and continued their crazy ways. This was such a shock to me, but then again, I can’t be too surprised! Don’t worry, there is a drain leading outside!

Okay…to end my night. I walked the kids back home (another American thing, because they are very capable of walking back at 9pm on their own, but I had a 3 year old on my hands, and she was sleepy, so I was carrying her, and I felt responsible for them) Anyways, once I got back to my house…..I walk into a dark empty (not so empty) house and I see a creature run across the floor and upstairs! I debate on going up there by myself but then I decided to go get Josiah Haha (I don’t know what kind of animal it was and I was not brave enough to find out alone) He came back with me….it was a cat. He laughed at me and explained that the neighbors cat usually visits my house at night. “But how does he get in?” “Oh he comes through the ceiling through that whole in your room”


I could of went two more months of not knowing that!