The internet shop is closed on Sundays…and I was gone all day Saturday and was too eager to get back to the kids to come to the internet shop and recap on my weekend. I have not been away from the kids since I have been here, so Saturday I was lonely when I went to the city with my friends (I met last time I was here). Although I had a great day with them! Anyways….

When I first got here I started a “I am thankful” list on my phone. I wrote things like: I am thankful for….hot showers, refrigerators , washer and dryer, using the sink to brush my teeth, air condition, having electricity. I did that for two days. And I hadn’t looked at the list until yesterday. Now that I look at it, those things are irrelevant to me. Honestly after being here for roughly two weeks, I do not think twice about taking a water bottle with me to brush my teeth, or standing in a room with no shower curtain pouring a bucket on my head to shower, or washing my clothes by hand.

We are definitely spoiled in the United States. I’m not saying it is a bad thing to be developed and advanced as a country, however I think we need to think twice next time something “goes wrong” and try not to worry/stress too much. 1. We will surely fix it quickly and 2. what’s the worst that could happen? Seriously? Next time your washer breaks and you cannot fix it for a couple days. Think of the worst possible scenario. 1. you will have dirty clothes piled up or 2. pour some detergent in the sink and put your hands to work!

It’s okay to worry, but learn to worry well. You are killing yourself worrying/stressing so much! This life is too great for all that! I am not pointing fingers because I am well aware of the fingers pointing back at myself! I hope that this trip will teach me to stress and worry less as well. Because I have not been stressed here yet. The hardest decision I have to make is who’s hand to grab when I have 14 hands launched at me.

Oh….and speaking of being thankful…I am very thankful for the language barrier situation. (Yes, it is very hard at times and I am beginning to forget what my voice sounds like!) Kidding..But seriously, it has been so nice to only understand laughter. I hear no complaints, no curse words, no negative statements, or no drama. It has been a nice break from your everyday complainers 🙂