By Courtney Prater, Missionary Intern to Myanmar, March 31, 2014

….so last night. We had a dance party. I usually do not bring my moves out for just anybody. But you could say these kids have me wrapped around their fingers. They could get me to do just about anything. I bought some speakers at the store for six dollars (cheap…and they work very well) anyways… I plugged my phone into them and we had a blast!

I was scrolling through my list of songs and I came across the Cupid Shuffle…why did I not think of this earlier, I have no idea! I taught them the moves and they loved it! Their favorite part is the “walk it by yourself” Ha, they thought I was hilarious with my move. I tried to explain that that part was for you to pick any move you’d like- but they like mine 🙂 so we will stick with that.

We also did the gangman style dance….about 7 times Haha…they love that song! I’m thinking a dance party will happen again and quite often. Which I am not mad about.

Random thought: The stop lights here are horizontal rather than vertical. I thought that was odd. I know we have a few horizontal ones, but not many. Oh and they are also optional, so you better be alert on the roads here or else…HA! Soooo scary! I told Josiah I would move here and become a police woman and teach them American traffic laws! He laughed and said that they had laws, but people only followed them when they saw the police, and if they got caught, they would just run! Haha

Last night the power went out. I was sweating all night I could hardly sleep (when I actually did fall asleep). I do remember waking myself up laughing…I was dreaming about my older brother Tyler. The dream is pointless to describe but he was just being his goofy self. I’m beginning to miss my family A LOT! Yesterday was the first day I had, that was hard for me to be here. However, I know this trip will be over before I know it, and I will want this precious time back, so I am staying positive.

Lunch today was delicious!! They made me spicy noodles with bits of chicken ( I think it was chicken). I ate my whole plate this time. I loved them so much, I am afraid to tell them how good they were because 1. I do not want to offend them for the other food (rice) that they always make me, and 2. I do not want to come home and be fat in America as well. I am already considered fat here! Haha Everyone tells me that. I am debating whether to tell them that they are being rude! Ha- I probably won’t because I know they are not intentionally doing that, and I am not offended because I know that. So I can handle being called fat a few more times in the next two months! 🙂