By Courtney Prater — Missionary Intern in Myanmar

March 26, 2014

I’m wondering what the internet “guy” thinks of me coming down here every day to use a computer.  Not sure why I feel guilty or “so American” for wanting to come here to check my email, Facebook, blog etc…but I do. I wonder if people here are as attached as we are to their social networks! ….I just like to know what is going on with my family & friends okay? 🙂

I will say I did a good deed on the way to the internet shop so it made me feel a little better about sneaking away to my need for social media back home. I saw the ice cream truck (well……the ice cream bike) coming down the “road” and I used some hand gestures to explain that there were tons of kids up here that I wanted to get ice cream for. Whether he understood me or not, he followed me. (crazy lady) Once again…I used hand gestures to get the kids’ attention to tell them I wanted to get them ice cream…after about one minute they understood and they all started running! I like it here because I can do a lot for others with so little money. In American I try as much as possible but things are very expensive (you all understand the struggle:) Anyways, I bought 40 ice cream cones for 5 dollars! Great deal right? Then the ice cream man gave me my own cup with 5 scoops for free as a “present.” So sweet! Him…not the ice cream! The ice cream wasn’t my favorite (soft served choc/vanilla swirl) but it was still good- and different!

I don’t mean to toot my own horn however, I think I got the hang of this teaching thing. I was impressed with myself today. (the first couple days I was wondering what I got myself into) I taught the younger kids about a house and what makes a house. Some vocabulary I used: house, home, window, floor, door, open,shut, sweep, sit, play, and walk. Not a lot, but Josiah wants me to teach them everyday vocabulary (only a few words/day). The older class learned how to make a sentence. We learned about subjects, verbs, adjectives, and direct objects. We did a couple fun activities in each class to make the learning a little less boring.

I never used to like public speaking, but with these kids, it comes naturally for me. They calm me:)

Oohh and I played soccer again today. I am beginning to wonder why I never played back home- I love it! However I think I am confusing everyone by being such a “tomboy” and playing things like soccer, or helping move heavy things, or shooting their BB guns! Haha My mother never put me in a dress, what can I say??