Never underestimate the power of a crafty woman!   Crafty women have the power to bring smiles to the faces of more than 100 children half a world away!

The Loopers – the knitting group that attend Christ’s Church of Mason (OH) (/ — made nearly 100 hand and finger puppets which were distributed to children at the two Asian Children’s Mission orphanages in Myanmar.  Laurie Angrimson of the Keno Christian Church near Klamath Falls, OR made amazing sock puppets.

Jay Dra Nu is 9 years old.  She was being raised by a grandmother, after her mother died when Jay was very young.  Her father is addicted to drugs, and recently nearly died due to a drug overdose.  Her grandmother died in 2012.   She is making new friends at Hope Children's Home, and is enjoying school.  She was very happy to receive a puppet made by the "Loopers" of Christ's Church in Mason, OH.puppet boyspuppet elephantpuppet pandapuppet sock

The smiles on the faces of the children tell the story.

Puppets like these are great gifts to send!  They are lightweight and don’t take a lot of suitcase space!   But most importantly, they are loved and appreciated by the children.  Asian Children’s Mission serves hundreds of children through our schools.  We can always use gifts like this!

Instructions for hand-knitted puppets are online, as are ideas for sock-puppets.

If you are a crafty woman (or man), would you consider making some puppets for Burma?  Maybe you are part of a group that is looking for a service project!   What a great project to do as a team!

There’s no time limitation and no number limitation on hand puppets for children in Burma!

Here’s the contact information:

Asian Children’s Mission

352 S 28th Ave

Cornelius, OR 97113