Child sponsorship is one of the most powerful ways of changing the world. That isn’t my thought — it is backed up by a development economist who has researched the impact of child sponsorship in developing nations. The results of his study were featured in the June 2013 issue of Christianity Today. I encourage you to read the article for yourself.

Asian Children’s Mission cares for about 100 children in our two orphanages. We also help hundreds more through our schools.

IMG_0298When I go over to visit, I always enjoy hearing what the children in our orphanages and schools have to say about their future. The younger ones may want to be singers, actresses, or sports stars.  The older ones think about business careers, the ministry, government service and education. The common thread is that these young people have hope for a better future.

Hope. What a wonderful word. I remember seeing a young girl once carrying a bag of charcoal on her head.  Her sad eyes reflected the hopelessness of her condition.   Not so with our children.  They are poor, but they have hope for this life, and the life to come.

Child sponsorship is $25 per month. Visit our How to Donate page for more information.