Stories from Myanmar

  • Stories from Orphans

    The common thread in these stories is not tragedy — it is the hope that these children share for a brighter future.

  • Stories from Students

    The challenge of education for impoverished children is major in Myanmar. Read the inspiring stories of children who are more than meeting these challenges.

  • Stories from Teachers

    Teachers are agents of transformation in the communities where they serve. Read about the adventures of ACM teachers serving in remote areas.

  • Stories from Women

    Myanmar women enjoy equal rights, but many young women are at risk for trafficking.

  • Stories from Christian Leaders

    Men and women who lead through example, caring for the poor and hopeless.


Jesus spoke all these things to the crowd in parables; he did not say anything to them without using a parable.
-Matthew 13:34

Jesus used parables — stories — to help his listeners understand the Kingdom of Heaven and His mission on Earth. Stories help us understand in a way that a mere recitation of the facts cannot. These stories have been selected to put a human face on the work of Asian Children’s Mission in Myanmar. Explore personal stories from:

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