Water Wells

Obtaining water is frequently a problem in remote villages. Local wells sometimes dry up, or no water can be found nearby. Many women and children must walk two or more miles to the nearest water source.

ACM has sponsored projects to dig wells in the villages of Putaik Gyi and Hlabu as well as in several villages for the Kanan people. IDES and individual donors have provided funding. ACM relies on local engineers and others to donate labor for these projects, which benefit the entire community. 15 wells in total have been drilled, with 8 more planned. It costs approximately $800 to dig a well (but varies depending on the situation).

In the Kanan villages, all the wells have dried up except the ones that have been dug by ACM over the past two years. The Kanan women’s lives have been so improved by the wells that they coined a new saying to describe something that is easy: “It’s like stepping out of your house and getting water.”

  • Drilling a well in Putaik Gyi
    Kanan villagers work together to drill a new well.