Rakhine School

The village of U Zan Taung in Rakhine state had no school — until a determined young Christian teacher and her parents decided to build one.

They built the frame and put on the roof, but then their money ran out. Ma Soe held classes in the building, but wondered what would happen when the monsoon rains came.

Through an $8000 grant from IDES, the school now is complete — not just with walls, but with new benches, desks and blackboards.

Additionally, a private donor provided funding for school uniforms. At first glance, that might seem like an unneeded expense. But the reality is that many children do not have enough clothes. In the monsoon season, children wear wet clothes because they have nothing else to change into! The new uniforms are a welcome – and needed – addition to the wardrobes of poor children.

Here is what Ma Soe wrote in thanks:

“I want to praise the Lord. The children and I have prayed for a solar set for many years. The village does not have electricity and the children need to study at night. Now they can enjoy the light.

“The school building is the strongest building in the village. Thanks to the donors who kindly gave gifts for this two story house. It does not look like a school building. It looks more like a family house. However, it fits with this community and is also perfect for the children. The children are free from pressure. We love you and may God bless you.”

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