Thani Bauk School

ACM is currently seeking funding for a project to build a multipurpose building in the remote Delta-area village of Thani Bauk. This building would serve as a school, a church, a place for community gatherings, and as a storm shelter, similar to a building we have already completed in the village of Putaik Gyi. The estimated cost of this project is $20,000 USD.

Most people in that village died in 2008’s Cyclone Nargis. There was no strong building in which the residents could take shelter. The school house we want to build would also serve as a place of refuge from severe storms.


Daw Pan Cho (her name means Sweet Flower) is the teacher in Thani Bauk village. She barely survived Cyclone Nargis, but lost most of her teeth when a log in the storm surge hit her while she was desperately clinging to a tree. Most other family members died. She made a promise to God that she would serve Him the rest of her life should he permit her to live. She has remained in this village, helping the surviving children and welcoming the new ones. The community has rebuilt to the point that between 400-500 people (both Buddhists and Christians) now live there. Daw Pan Cho is a Christian. In addition to teaching, she also leads a village church.

From Pan Cho:

My name is Pan Cho. I am 59 years old. I have taught in Thani bauk village over ten years now. Nobody has supported me until your Mission (ACM) came. The village elders promised me 50,000 (approximately $50) a month but never have received. Sometime I only get 5,000 instead. Thank you for supporting me.
I love the children, that is why I have taught the village children. I teach 19 kindergarten kids from 7:00- 9:30 am. From 10:00 am – 4:00pm graded students from first grade to 5th grade. Then 5:00- 6:30 the kindergarten kids again. “My time is always talking and teaching. Sometimes I am wondering why…? But I want these children to be educated. I would be so happy if any of these children could get college or University education or becoming a teacher.”

Thani Bauk is off the road. People cannot get there easily. There is no telephone. Even the boats don’t go that direction unless you rent a boat or catch one that comes that direction.

My prayer request is for a strong school house.