Community Development

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Thy will be done,
On earth, as it in Heaven.
-Matthew 6:10

Most Christians are familiar with this phrase, taken from the Lord’s prayer found in Matthew 6. Christian community development is based on the Scriptural foundation that the abundant Christian life includes the physical as well as the spiritual — that it is, in fact, God’s will for people to NOT live in continuous want and ignorance.

The holistic ministry of Christian community development weaves together the physical and spiritual, giving both individuals and communities the knowledge and skills to grow in both these areas. Our first community development projects were our “safe water” programs. Safe water means less suffering and death from water borne diseases.

Working in diverse areas of Myanmar, we have provided water treatment units, wells and water diversion systems. We partner with indigenous missionaries and ministers to meet physical needs while pointing them to the One who is Living Water (John 4:10).

In 2012 we purchased or registered land in Myanmar. Registering land means formalizing the ownership of the traditional tribal lands. Although the cost is reasonable by Western standards ($500 for 20 acres), it is prohibitive for subsistence farmers. Through providing funds for registration, Asian Children’s Mission has increased food security and provided opportunities for further development of the land in the future.

Our latest project is the development of the Myanmar Community Development Center. This will be a teaching center located near Yangon. Part of the grounds will be devoted to sustainable, small scale agriculture. Farmers will be invited to learn animal husbandry and integrated farming. Courses on practical nursing will be offered, focusing on wellness and disease prevention, training health educators to go back into their home communities, armed with knowledge that can save lives, especially of the weak and most vulnerable.

We expect the Myanmar Community Development Center to be a place of rich fellowship and good food. It will be a safe place to learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, with spiritual applications made alongside the physical lessons. It will be the place of new beginnings, as trained indigenous workers return to their communities to teach as they have been taught.

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