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Your tax-deductible gift will help spread God’s word while bringing about a brighter future for orphans, families and communities in Myanmar. Questions about donating? See the Donations FAQ.

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You may give a one-time or recurring donation to ACM in any amount. Earmark your gift for a specific purpose, or leave the field blank to simply give “where needed most.”

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Please contact Joana to give a one-time gift. Your donation will be greatly appreciated!

Not sure what to give? Check out our catalog of suggested one-time and recurring gifts below.

Orphan Care Projects
Project   Description Recurring Donation One-Time Gift
Sponsor an Orphan Caring for orphans is at the center of what we do at Asian Children’s Mission. You can change a child’s destiny for only $25 a month, or $300 per year. Read More $25/Month

$300/1 Year

Provide Playground Equipment Play is a part of a child’s development. Myanmar children are very creative in inventing toys, but they can really benefit from sports equipment too! Even a gift of $5 means “game on” for a soccer match! N/A Any Amount

Buy a School Uniform Children in Myanmar are proud to wear school uniforms. The cost averages $5, and is a significant addition to a poor child’s limited wardrobe. N/A $5/Uniform

Educational Projects
Project   Description Recurring Donation One-Time Gift
Sponsor a Christian Schoolteacher Teacher with arms around students Help transform a remote village through education! Read More $70/Month

$840/1 Year

Help Equip a School students on front porch of school building Many Myanmar schools can benefit from simple sports equipment, chairs, desks, books, and A/V equipment. Gifts of any size will help. N/A Any amount

Fund a Preschool In some parts of Myanmar, preschool children are often unsupervised. Preschools protect kids while getting them ready to learn! Read More $120/Month

$1440/1 Year

Scholarship Fund for Girls Many village children have no access to middle or high schools. Scholarships allow deserving girls to further their education.Read more $40/Month

$480/1 Year

Sponsor a Sunday School Teacher Seminar Teachers leave ACM seminars equipped with materials and methods to better impart the Word of God to their young students. Read More N/A $700/Seminar

Community Development Projects
Project   Description Recurring Donation One-Time Gift
Fund a Safe Water Project Many communities lack access to safe water. You can help with a gift designated for an ACM water project. N/A $1000

Sponsor a Community Development Seminar This seminar helps local leaders identify problems and work towards solutions using local resources. N/A $700/seminar

Purchase Livestock Give a gift towards an ox, goat, chickens, or pigs for families or communities. Your gift will have ongoing impact to feed and provide income. N/A Large: $100

Small: $20

Other Needs
Project   Description Recurring Donation One-Time Gift
Sponsor an ACM Myanmar Staff Member The ACM leadership team in Myanmar does amazing work in the critical areas of orphan care, education and community development. Would you provide funding for a Christian leader in Myanmar? Their support is $100/month.Read More $100/Month

$1200/1 Year

Fund a Village Christmas Party Never underestimate the power of a Children’s Christmas program to draw a crowd! The Christmas program at Putaikgyi drew hundreds of people to hear the Christmas story proclaimed by children and their teacher. Costs include renting sound systems, a generator and providing a meal for visitors from neighboring communities. N/A Any Amount

Prefer to mail a check?

Great! Mail your check or money order to:

Asian Children’s Mission
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