Adventure in Putaik Gyi!

In December 2013 an American and Myanmar team traveled through Burma’s river delta to reach the remote village of Putaik Gyi to join in the Christmas celebration.  The visit, and the continuing transformation of this village, are chronicled in six short videos.  Each can stand alone, but taken together, tell a complete story.  These videos are designed to be used by congregations, small groups, Sunday Schools, VBS and camps.


About Asian Children’s Mission

This is a 28-minute informational video from 2011 featuring the director of Asian Children’s Mission, Joana T. Jones. This video discusses ACM’s work in orphan care, community development, education and more in various parts of Burma (Myanmar).

Short Asian Children’s Mission Segments

These short video segments were filmed in 2009. They were primarily shown at American churches during Vacation Bible School to inform children about the missions work ACM does in Myanmar. The information is not completely up-to-date (for instance, things are slightly less dangerous for Christians in Myanmar today), but it is an accurate expression of ACM’s first projects in Burma — most of which continue today. Please note that Segment 5: Cyclone Nargis has some graphic footage of the Cyclone Nargis aftermath with injuries, etc. that may be disturbing to sensitive viewers.

Asia Christian Services’ Christmas Conventions

These clips are from one of our partners in Myanmar, Asia Christian Services. The Mro people in Rakhine State have a large yearly Christmas Convention, an outgrowth of ACS’s work there. We decided to share these creative and enthusiastic performances to give you a taste of an ethnic Christmas celebration in Myanmar. The Adam and Eve play is all in Burmese with no subtitles, but it needs no translation for anyone who knows the story.

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