Joana hugs a boy who lost his parents and was living on his own. He now lives at a friend's orphanage.

Joana hugs a boy who lost his parents and was living on his own. He now lives at a friend’s orphanage.

How did Joana get started working in Myanmar?
It’s quite a story. Read it in Joana’s own words at The Story of ACM.

How is Asian Children’s Mission organized?
Joana Turner Jones serves as the director of the organization. Her job is to help shape the strategic direction of ACM, assist with curriculum development, write grant requests and do fundraising. She reports to an American-based board of directors.

The leadership of ACM in Myanmar consists of three people. Josiah is responsible for our outreach to orphans. Maeram handles all of our educational outreach, and Joel works on community development. All three assist one another as needed. They are a terrific team. You can read more about them on the Our Staff page.

Are gifts to Asian Children’s Mission tax deductible?
Yes. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes Asian Children’s Mission as a non-profit corporation under 501c3 of the federal tax code. This means that donations are exempt from federal income tax. The Employer Identification Number for Asian Children’s Mission is 26-2808560. Learn more about donations on the How to Donate page.

What is ACM’s annual budget?
Our basic commitments are as follows:

Other projects are funded through special donations and grants. To see all our projects, visit the Ministries section.

How are administrative costs handled?
The director takes no salary and pays her travel expenses to and from Myanmar. Administrative expenses include stationary, ink, stamps and computer-related costs. In 2012, these expenses were less than 2% of total contributions. We work hard to make sure that donated dollars go to help children in Myanmar, not cover American-based overhead.

Can I see ACM’s tax forms?
Yes! Download and/or view our 990 tax forms here.

Teacher and kids play a game at the Pwin Oo Lwin preschool.

Teacher and kids play a game at the Pwin Oo Lwin preschool.

What are ACM’s current priorities?
We are always concerned about empowering local leaders and using local resources to finance ministry. It is never our goal to create a state of dependency. This year we made the decision to reduce the number of school teachers we directly support. It is now five years after Cyclone Nargis, and many local communities have recovered to the point that they can support the teachers.

That said, we believe education is a multiplier and that knowledge is an important step towards self-sufficiency. We are especially interested in strengthening our work in community development to give families the knowledge and tools to be successful on their farms and in their villages. Our Myanmar Community Development Center is expected to play a central role in this work once it is completed.

We will also continue to help local churches teach their children through curriculum development and Sunday School seminars. Finally, we will continue to care for our orphans.

Does ACM offer internships?
Yes. We are in particular need of journalism students who will help document the work of ACM by telling the stories of staff members, children, women and more who have been aided through our ministries. To learn more, visit the Travel to Myanmar page or contact Joana.

Can ACM help American children get excited about the Great Commission?
Yes! Joana has often spoken at camps, VBS and to groups of young people. There are interesting stories and hands-on activities that teach about life in Myanmar. Contact Joana and make a plan to inspire your young people.

Could Joana or another ACM representative make a presentation to my church, Sunday School or small group?
Yes again! Contact Joana to discuss possibilities.

My service organization might be interested in a program, or even helping in a community development project. Would ACM be interested in presenting a program or in such a partnership?
Yes. Joana has spoken to several service organizations. We welcome all people of good will to assist in safe water and other community development projects. Read more on the ACM and Your Organization page, or contact Joana for more information.

I would like to travel to Myanmar on a short term mission trip. Is that a possibility?
Yes. Medical missions is a possibility, as well as leading VBS or a sports or music camp. If you have a special skill, you might consider teaching it – such as carpentry or electrical work. Visit the Travel to Myanmar page for more information, or contact Joana.

I want to be on ACM’s email and/or mailing list. How do I sign up?
You can enter your email address in the form to the right, or sign up for our mailing list here. We will be happy to add you! In the meantime, feel free to peruse our blog and our newsletter archives for current and past news.

Have another question about ACM?
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